Vehicle Accidents

Get the legal help you need after a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault

Physically recovering from a vehicle accident is difficult enough. Don’t let medical bills and financial issues cause extra stress. Whether drunk drivers or owners of bars who continued to serve intoxicated patrons, we’ll hold all parties accountable to ensure you get justice. Get the reliable representation you need to get your life back on track. Call 205-349-5413 for your FREE consultation.

Trusted representation for all auto or vehicle accidents

   • Alcohol-related accidents

   • Uninsured or underinsured motorists

   • 18-wheeler or log truck accidents

   • Motorcycle accidents

   • Watercraft accidents

   • Three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and ATV


   • Reckless driving

   • School bus accident

Legal Assistance to hold reckless drivers accountable for

• Talking on a cell phone while driving

• Changing radio stations

• Driving while drowsy

• Falling asleep at the wheel

• Reaching for something in the car

• Texting while driving (prohibited by the state of Alabama)